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Why was Kirk Franklin’s Acceptance Speech Edited by TBN?

Kirk Franklin recently announced his boycott of events associated with the Dove Awards, Gospel Music Association (GMA), and Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN). (See video https://www.instagram.com/p/B4KkmGknGiN/?hl=en) Franklin is boycotting because his comments in his acceptance speech regarding prayer for the families affected by Atatiana Jefferson’s death were edited for the TBN broadcast of the Dove Awards. With so much racial tension in America and among Christians, why was this segment of Kirk Franklin’s speech edited. Here are a few of my thoughts: 1. They wanted to avoid controversy. A significant number of viewers may not agree with Franklin’s statements. Therefore, censoring him may prevent criticism from viewers and fans. 2. They wanted consistency. I’m sure most of the award recipients had extensive remarks. After viewing four edited speeches (including Kirk Franklin’s), I noted the consistency of the speeches. The edited speeches averaged about 60 seconds. The speeches were consistent in their content and flow. Franklin’s original speech was approximately three (3) minutes. His Jefferson comments are approximately 45 seconds. It’s possible the editors could have used some of those comments, but it seems as though consistency was more important than Franklin’s prayer requests. 3. They wanted to demonstrate community. Since Franklin’s comments may be considered divisive by certain fans or viewers, the editors did not want the comments to distract viewers from the sense of community they hoped to promote.

4. They are culturally insensitive. I am uncertain why Kirk Franklin’s speech was edited but it happened. Two minutes of his speech were cut, including the comments regarding Jefferson’s death. Maybe the editors were culturally insensitive. Maybe they have no regard for problems plaguing the African American community, or they just thought it was not a “big deal” to cut those comments. So  those are my thoughts. What do you think?

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